Phoenix GTUG meets regularly on the Third Wednesday of every Month

Time:    6:30 Food/networking
            7:00 Presentation
            8:15 Adjourn to Four Peaks Brewing for discussion

Location:   CoHoots

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Mastering the Android Developer Tools

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Getting started with Node.js and building and app that uses the Google APIs

Managing Multiple Android App Markets with Conflicting Requirements

Roboguice - Dependency Injection for Android

Dojo 2.0: Modular, Mobile, and Reinventing Web App Development

Deep dive into Android Developer Tools

Web to Native: A Look At Mobile Web Conversion Tools and Methodology

What's new in Android Tablet Development

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"What's new in Android Tablet Development"
Wed, Aug 17, 2011

Come to this session to learn the latest about the Android 3 release, Honeycomb. This release of Android is targeted at tablet development, but is compatible with previous versions of Android. The new features of Honeycomb will be discussed with some code samples that will outline the new features and how to use them. You'll learn about the new action bar, fragments, new homescreen widgets, the system bar, and how the new tablet emulator works.

Donn is the founder of Agilevent, an agile and innovative software development company that focuses on agile techniques and mobile development. He is also a partner in two startups–Qonqr and Agile Medicine. He has over 11 years of professional experience in various markets, including entertainment, health, retail, insurance, financial and real estate.

Donn is the author of the best-selling "Android Application Development for Dummies," "Android Tablet Application Development" and the "Introduction to Android Development" video series on He is an Android seeding developer awardee as well as an accomplished application author with over 3.2 million installs in the Android Market. He is also a Microsoft ASP Insider, an MCTS in Web Client Development for .NET and is a certified ScrumMaster.

Donn presents and consultants on various topics ranging from architecture, development in general, agile practices and patterns and of course, mobile. Read Donn's blog here:
You can follow Donn on Twitter here: and Google+ here

"App Engine Hack-a-thon"
Wed, July 20, 2011

Since July is usually a light month for attendance, we are going to have an informal hack session concentrating on using App Engine.  We are going to create a simple web app together, that accesses data out of a Big Table database, and presents it to the user.

If time permits, we will also write an Android app, to retreive this data via a Restful Web Service.

This is intended to be a very interactive presentation, so please come prepared to code (we will send out specific configuration instructions).  This will be an open activity, so feel free to come with questions, or something to demo.

Please come with the following software installed on your machine:
-Eclipse (latest version):
-Google SDK and Plugin for Eclipse:

If you want to actually publish to App engine, setup an free account at

"Android Phone Root-A-Thon"
Wed, June 15, 2011

This talk will cover rooting an Android phone.  We will discuss: what rooting is, the Pros and Cons of it, and risks involved in the process.  We will discuss how to unlock your phone, then apply Custom Roms. Useful resources for the 'Rooter', and recommendations in managing a rooted device will be discussed.
We will demo a  couple devices: Samsung Vibrant, Nexus One, B&N Nook color.  They have all been rooted and are running custom ROMs. Since they have all have already been rooted - we are not planning on doing a live rooting.  If a group member has a particular phone they would like to root live, contact the organizers in advance.

Speaker Information:
Barry Shaffer is an Engineering Manager with Orbital Sciences and an avid Android enthusiast who has successfully rooted several devices including: Motorola Droid, Motorola Cliq, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy, Nook Color.

"Recap of Google IO"
Wed, May 18, 2011
Speaker:  Luis Montes, Mike Wolfson, Alan Pruitt

The next meeting of the GTUG will be an overview of the Google IO developers conference.  We will be highlighting the most important news from the event, highlighting the most important developments.The presentations will be designed to encourage discussion, and highlight the important developments and events for people who weren't able to attend in person, or people who would like to discuss the various announcements in detail.

In particular, we will have 3 short presentations with 3 different focuses:

Mike Wolfson - will be discussing the announcements in regards to the Android platform.  He will highlight the important announcements regarding platform direction, and highlight the important directions outlined regarding coding standards, best practices, and other tips and tricks that are useful to developers.

Luis Montes - will give an overview of the latest happenings with the Chrome Web Browser, Operating System, and Web Store.  Luis will also present on software development using App Engine, the Google Web Toolkit and other interesting client and server APIs

Alan Pruitt  - will present a general overview of web applications available in the Android Marketplace that enable developers and other small and medium enterprises (SME) to leverage the power of web applications that can improve developer work flow and project collaboration. Google I/O is jam packed with Googlers and third-party vendors who eagerly share and engage Google I/O attendees with the latest web applications for business. Alan is especially keen about HTML5 development and will focus on business web applications that harness HTML5 as a platform.

"Developing Android Apps Using Ruboto and Ruby"
Wed, Apr 20, 2011
Speaker: Jay MacGavren

Ruboto is Ruby for Android devices. You can access the full Android
API from Ruby, giving your scripts all the power of a native
application. Even better, you can build and distribute packages that
will run on any Android phone, even ones without Ruboto installed.

In this talk, you'll see how to set up a working development
environment (on desktop or phone). More importantly, you'll learn how
to manipulate Android from Ruby, giving you access to widgets (buttons
and text fields), canvases (paint to the screen), even sensors
(compass and accelerometer). Android novices will learn everything
they need to get up and running, and pros will gain a powerful new
language for their toolkit.

About the speaker:
Jay McGavren is a developer with Choice Hotels.  Though his primary
language is Java, he has been working in various scripting languages
for over a decade, most recently Ruby.  He has spoken at RubyConf as
well as various regional conferences, on Ruboto and other topics.

"Introduction to jQuery Mobile"
Wed, March 16, 2011

jQuery Mobile is a UI library designed to abstract away the differences
between various mobile devices and allow you to focus on your application.
Hafthor Stefansson, developer consultant for Parsus Solutions, will show
you the advantages of using jQuery Mobile and how to use it.

About the speaker:
Hafthor Stefansson is a developer consultant for Parsus Solutions and
works on Java, .NET, Ruby and Objective C based applications and is a
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

"Overview of Mobile Platforms and Markets
Wed, Feb 16, 2011

Due to the current fragmentation of the mobile environment, it is more complicated than ever to capitalize on this emerging market.  It is more important than ever to understand the various options available, and identify opportunities early.

This talk will provide an overview of the major mobile platforms currently available.  It will describe:

-Requirements for publishing (approval process, developer costs, etc)
-Revenue models available (in app purchasing, subscriptions, etc)
-Technologies required to write the apps (languages, html support, etc)
-Other important notes (pitfalls to avoid, etc)

This presentation will also provide an overview and comparison of App Markets in general (including market share, biggest apps and categories in each market, best selling apps, etc). 

About the speaker:
Mike Wolfson is a passionate mobile designer\developer working as an independent Android consultant out of Phoenix, AZ. He has been working in the software field for over 15 years, mostly in the Enterprise Java space (his current full-time gig is as a Senior Software Engineer at Choice Hotels International). Mike has been an active contributor to the Android community, and User Groups for many years (including organizing the PhxGTUG), and has spoken about Android, and mobile development at a variety of conferences and User Groups. When Mike is not working (or geeking out on mobile technology), he spends his free time cooking, hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, or chasing his small, but quick daughter.

Wed, Jan 19, 2010
"Chrome - the browser, the web store, and so much more"

We'll introduce the Chrome OS, and dig deep into a few topics.

Time and attention permitting, we'll look at:
- What is Chrome OS
- How to write applications for Chrome OS
- Publishing apps to the Chrome Webstore
- Writing plugins for the webstore

Luis Montes has written a whiteboard app which is specifically designed to function well within the Chrome universe.  He will show exactly what it took to write the app, highlighting specific areas of interest and how they relate to the Chrome OS.  He will describe the steps to publish and sell the app in the Chrome Webstore.

Luis will have a CR48 Laptop, which is the Google designed laptop, created to highlight their OS. 

Time permitting, Luis will give an overview of writing plugins for the Chrome browser.

About Luis:

Nov 17, 2010
"Google Maps"

We'll discuss Google Maps v. 3 using JavaScript.  The goal is to get
familiar with the basics of what Google Maps can do and to experience "hello
world" execution of primary features.

Time and attention permitting, we'll look at:
- Creating a Google Map ("Hello World"), and what you get for free
- Placing a marker on a map
- Geo-locating addresses
- Showing a pop-up when you click on a marker
- Showing lots of points on a map
- Zoom / Center to show all markers placed on the map
- KML - the format of geo-relational data
- Showing driving directions between two points
- Interacting with the map and other parts of the page:
       - Click a marker to call a JavaScript function
       - Click a link or button to call a map function
- Custom marker icons
- Custom map tile layers

Questions and discussion will be king here.  If we show an interest in a
particular topic, we'll dive deeper there.  If we run out of time, we'll
truncate the list.

About me: Rob Richardson is a Software Architect and Principal of Richardson
& Sons, LLC.  Rob has had a passion for software development since middle
school.  Now with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design, the study of
human interface design, and a Masters in Computer Information Systems, he is
focused on listening to customers and creating web-based solutions to their
needs.  Rob has created software applications ranging from enterprise-scale
applications to PDA-based systems, web applications to embedded database
synchronization and postscript processing systems.  Rob's current passions
ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript/AJAX, jQuery, Continuous Integration, Entity
Framework, OpenId, coding better, and his family.

October 20, 2010:
"Introduction to Android App Inventor"
Luis Montes -

Here's a link to slides:

Here's a link to the Javascript webservice source:

(Inaugural meeting) September 15, 2010:

Google Apps Integration"
Danny Riley - Vice President of Services of Isos Technology

About the Presenter
Danny Riley began his career as a software engineer consulting on various enterprise development projects. From there
Danny pursued his interests in more business related roles and transitioned himself into a lead technical sales manager providing internal and external sales support. Today, Danny has the responsibility of developing and communicating Isos Technology's vision and strategy through positioning, branding, advertising, and associated growth initiatives. He oversees and manages all aspects of services and marketing for Isos Technology's technical services.

About Isos Technology
Isos Technology provides a range of Cloud Computing offerings including Amazon's Web Services™ EC2 technology solutions and Google Apps
Authorized Reseller services.  Isos Technology's Google Apps services include setup, training, support, migration, system integration and application development.

About the Topic

Companies, large and small, are expanding their user base and growing revenue by integrating their web-based solutions with Google Apps.  In short, web-based application can integrate directly with Google Apps.  Applications become easier to use because they can include single sign-on, Google's universal navigation, and features that integrate further using Google APIs.

During this presentation, Isos Technology will discuss their latest Google Apps integration project with the Phoenix-based company, Red Pear, and their hosted Vyllij application.  The Isos Technology team will discuss the efforts taken to integrate the Vyllij application with Google Apps through the utilization of PHP, Java, OAuth and OpenID.

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