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1/16/2013 - Aaron Murray

Full Stack JavaScript

When referring to a "development stack" or simply "stack", we're talking about all the components you use in development and in production to create an application. Every developer or development shop tends to standardize on and always be refining their stack to help them build better apps faster. With the advent of Node.js we can now write all-JavaScript apps - running JS for our business logic on the server as well as in the client (in the browser). Survey includes discussion of development tools, testing, control flow, websockets, templating, module loading, data stores and more.

Speaker: Aaron Murray

Aaron Murray is a veteran technologist with more than 15 years of experience as a Software Architect and has been involved with startups for years. Aaron’s experience ranges from building and enhancing sophisticated ecommerce systems to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Mobile Medical, Web Startups and Mobile Apps with a focus on creating high-level, reusable patterns and disruptive technology.  He is currently President and Chief Scientist at Fractal, a company dedicated to Software Best Practices, usable interfaces and scalable technologies currently focusing on node.js, html5 and noSQL solutions.


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