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2/20/13 - Sheldon McGee

Using the ADK (Accessory Development Kit) with Arduino to do awesome things

A (short) introduction to Arduino and the Accessory Development Kit (ADK). The ADK hardware is great but it's rare and expensive and it's not necessary to get started in the world of microcontrollers.  I'll show the ADK hardware as well as regular Arduino hardware. Then a little about electronics. More about Arduino and "sheilds". Then a demonstration of a little project to take advantage of all this microcontroller knowlege and lastly the Android app and how it came together.

Speaker: Sheldon McGee


Sheldon graduated with a degree in electrical engineering but even as he was persuing that degree he worked as a web developer for the engineering department at Arizona State. Fifteen years later and he's just as confused about how inductors work as everyone else. Now, after spending time with arduino, all that knowledge of resistors and capacitors is coming back. He's starting to realize that everything he learned in college is common knowledge to arduino hackers.


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