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3/20/13 - Chris Matthieu and Eric Schoffstall

Twelephone WebRTC

Have you heard about the latest advancements in HTML5 WebRTC (Real-Time Communications)? You can now develop audio and video-based web apps with native HTML5 (No Flash / No Java Applets)! We are building a Skype-killer using these technologies and it's called Twelephone ( Twelephone is built using WeAreFractal's opensource WebRTC Holla library.  Join @ChrisMatthieu and @ESchoff to learn more about WebRTC, Twelephone, and Holla!

Speaker: Chris Matthieu and Eric Schoffstall


Chris Matthieu is the Founder & CEO of GetVocal, inc...

Eric Schoffstall is Co-Founder of Fractal



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