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10/17/12 - Blaine Bublitz and Ryan Rix

EnyoJS as a Framework for Great Justiceby Blaine Bublitz and Ryan Rix

Enyo is one of the many Mobile JavaScript Frameworks that developers have to choose from.  Enyo 1.0 was built to power the interface for webOS devices, but version 2.0 was redesigned to work across most modern browsers and recently open sourced under the Apache License, Version 2.0.  Highlights include being object-oriented (making it highly extensible), having a powerful widget set (called onyx), small size (25kb at core), and a community gallery (consisting of many extra features and components).  Many Enyo apps have been deployed to all mobile platforms through the use of PhoneGap.  In this talk, Ryan and Blaine will introduce everyone to the basics of Enyo and show off some of the things they have done with the framework.

Speaker: Blaine Bublitz and Ryan Rix


Blaine Bublitz is co-founder of Iced Development (
), specializing in HTML5/Javascript/Node.js and the mobile web. He has been working with the Enyo framework since the first version and loves the direction version 2 has taken.  He is also the creator of the Enyo CLI (used for a variety of tasks, such as scaffolding) on NPM.  He hacks on HTML5/Browser-Based Games in his free time.  You can find him working out of HeatSync Labs, a hackspace in downtown Mesa, almost every day.  His open-source projects can be found on Github at

Ryan Rix is an open source developer born in raised in the Valley. He has been developing mobile and desktop applications since 2005, and is involved in a number open source projects. By day, Ryan is a freelance web developer specializing in frontend javascript and backend Ruby on Rails development as well as cross platform mobile development using the EnyoJS framework. By night, Ryan builds rockets, VPN darknets, and communities as one of the board members of HeatSync Labs, a hackerspace and community workshop in Mesa specializing in teaching and learning all forms of creation as well as pushing the limits of technologies of all kinds. He blogs about his projects over at
and his open source projects are hosted on his GitHub profile at  


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