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11/16/11 Blaine Bublitz

Working with Web
APIs: Featuring Google Gadget and Goo
gle+ APIs

APIs are everywhere, whether we realize it or not.  APIs are a very powerful tool in any programmer’s arsenal. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use one that has already been created? This session explores the general concept of APIs and their evolution towards the Web APIs that many programs access every day.  Examples include use of Google Gadget and Google+ APIs.

Speaker: Blaine Bublitz

Blain Bublitz is a frontend/php developer for Dolce Salon & Spa by day, but loves to hack on anything HTML5/Javascript/Node.js related in his free time.  Graduating just 10 months ago, his knowledge and skills with these technologies have improved tenfold through interaction and discussion with Phoenix developers.  

Blaine helped create and presented a Chrome Plugin for collaborative drawing in a Goolge+ hangout at the HTML5 Hackathon at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA on 8/11/11, almost 6 weeks before Google released the official Google+ Hangouts with Extras and the Hangout API.  The release of the API spurred him to begin work on a presentation to inspire others to create amazing things that leverage the Google+ platform.


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