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12/19/2012 - Mike Wolfson

Using the Android Developer Tools (ADT) to make your code and your life, awesome

Developing Android applications can be challenging. Luckily, there is a robust set of tools (named the Android Developer Tools - ADT) that helps simplify the process. This talk will present an overview of the variety of tools currently available as part of the standard development environment.

During this talk, we will describe the most important tools, show how to configure them properly, and demonstrate their effective usage.  We will spend some time discussing how to effectively integrate the tools into your workflow, so you are able to be more develop more efficiently, and find bugs sooner.

This talk is appropriate for all levels of developer - it will cover intro through advanced level content. The session will start with basic configuration and debugging (using DDMS, and ADB). Next, we will show development aids (including AVD/emulator, Lint, and XML tools).  Finally, we will show how to use the tools to find and eliminate performance or UI issues (we will use HierarchyViewer, TraceView, and others for this).

Speaker: Mike Wolfson


Mike is a passionate mobile designer/developer working out of Phoenix. He has been working in the software field for over 15 years, and with Android since it's introduction.  He has been developing Android full-time for over 2 years. Currently, he works for Airstrip Technologies developing applications targeted to the health care industry. He has a few successful apps in the Market (the most successful one is named: "Droid of the Day"), and is an active contributor to the tech community, including organizing the local GDG. 

Mike has spoken about Android and mobile development at a variety of conferences and user groups. When he is not geeking out about phones, he enjoys the outdoors (snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving), collecting PEZ dispensers, and chasing his young (but quick) daughter.


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