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4/18/12 - Tim Mackenzie

Managing Multiple App Markets with Conflicting Requirements

Presentation synopsis:

Distributing Android apps to more app markets can mean more exposure and greater income, but it can come at the cost of greater maintenance effort.  However, there are ways to manage the conflicting requirements and stay competitive.

This presentation will give attendees:

  •   An idea of why/if they should pursue deployment to different Android app stores
  •   A solid understanding of where the requirements for Android app stores differ
  •   An idea of what can be done to reduce effort and complications with compliance

    Speaker: Tim Mackenzie


    Tim escaped the cubicle after a decade of software engineering at large companies to form a business  focused on Android app development and research.  He is passionate about simplifying complex problems as well as making life easier through reducing unnecessary work.


    Tracking all of the available app stores, market browsers,  review sites, testing services, and development platforms is more work than small developers can typically support.  To mitigate this gap in available information, Tim has put extensive effort into researching and testing different Android app stores as well as ad networks to measure real-world performance against the claims and hype.


    Aside from blogging about all manner of topics related to Android development and income, Tim also has published several books in the “Android Income Series”, which can be found on the ProjectJourneyman site.


    We are excited to have a conference pass to raffle at this meeting, special thanks to BZ Media.  Three of our GTUG members will be presenting at this conference!

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