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5/16/12 - Rob Richardson

Thinking in GIT

Have you ever looked at Git because it was trendy, but stumbled away dazed? Git isn't your father's source control system, but most of your knowledge of TFS, SVN, or other source control systems transfer over just fine. We'll take your existing knowledge of your Commit / Update VCS and we'll layer in the methodologies, tools, and communities that Git uses. What's the difference between pull and update? Isn't branching and merging dangerous? Can I get colored icons in Windows or Visual Studio? How do I contribute to a GitHub project? We'll graph Git's actions in blocks and compare it to git command results. You'll come away thinking in Git, ready to easily leverage the additional power.

Speaker: Rob Richardson


Rob Richardson is principal at Richardson & Sons, LLC, a custom software
development consultancy.  Richardson specializes in building
enterprise-grade software for small- to medium-sized businesses, delivering
the joys of custom software, process automation, and exposing business
functions to customers on the web.  Rob has a Masters of Science in Computer
Information Systems, and over 10 years experience in both Web technologies
and .NET.  Rob is a frequent speaker at user groups, and an active
participant in the developer community.  You can reach Rob by email at on his blog at
or follow him on
twitter at @rob_rich




 Food  Location

825 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85006