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6/20/12 - Chris Mohritz

Using the PlayN Library to build awesome cross-platform games

In this session we'll provide an introduction to Google's PlayN game development library. PlayN is a cross-platform game library that allows you to create a single Java code base that will run in HTML5, Java, Android and Flash. iOS will be added to the list very soon.

A little about PlayN from their website (

"PlayN is a cross-platform game abstraction library for writing games that compile to:

  1. Desktop Java
  2. HTML5 Browsers
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Flash
  6. More?

PlayN is free and open source, and we hope you will make kick ass games with it!"

Speaker: Chris Mohritz


Chris Mohritz is the founder of FoxEffect Studios, a consulting firm specializing in the design and development of massivley multi-player online games (MMOG).

Chris presents on a number of innovative subjects including socially-engaging game design, architecting large-scale gaming backends, and advancing the gaming experience through machine learning technologies.


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