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8/17/11 - Donn Felker

What's new in Android Tablet Development

Come to this session to learn the latest about the Android 3 release, Honeycomb. This release of Android is targeted at tablet development, but is compatible with previous versions of Android. The new features of Honeycomb will be discussed with some code samples that will outline the new features and how to use them. You'll learn about the new action bar, fragments, new homescreen widgets, the system bar, and how the new tablet emulator works.

Speaker: Donn Felker

Donn is the founder of Agilevent, an agile and innovative software development company that focuses on agile techniques and mobile development. He is also a partner in two startups–Qonqr and Agile Medicine. He has over 11 years of professional experience in various markets, including entertainment, health, retail, insurance, financial and real estate.

Donn is the author of the best-selling "Android Application Development for Dummies," "Android Tablet Application Development" and the "Introduction to Android Development" video series on He is an Android seeding developer awardee as well as an accomplished application author with over 3.2 million installs in the Android Market. He is also a Microsoft ASP Insider, an MCTS in Web Client Development for .NET and is a certified ScrumMaster.

Donn presents and consultants on various topics ranging from architecture, development in general, agile practices and patterns and of course, mobile. Read Donn's blog here:


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