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9/21/11 - Matt Riley

Web to Native:  

A Look At Mobile Web Conversion Tools and Methodology

Mobile applications are everywhere. Exploding interest from consumers and corporations brings the need for developers to create applications within a diverse mobile ecosystem. Developers are faced with the choice of learning languages specific to each platform or using tools that will allow a developer to write their application once and deploy it on many mobile devices. We'll discuss what these tools are, when they should be used and also look at the final product these tools generate. This discussion will help you refine your mobile strategy and also help you decide if these tools are appropriate for your application.

Speaker: Matt Riley


Matt Riley is a Sr. Web Applications Engineer at Amkor Technology. Matt has been involved with technology for most of his career and has been developing Web applications for over 10 years. He has broad experience in architecting Web based e-commerce and enterprise applications which are designed to increase departmental efficiency and deliver enabling technologies to individual employees. Most recently, Matt has taken the lead in designing and implementing enterprise mobile initiatives at Amkor and has developed multiple Web based mobile applications that can on numerous mobile platforms.



Sample Apps:

Expense Tracker jQuery Mobile (code)

Expense Tracker jQuery Mobile (the app itself, you can open it on your mobile device)

Expense Tracker PhoneGap

Expense Tracker Titanium Mobile

PhoneGap Build Sample App


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